The 4 Top Tips to Protect Your Hot Tub Covers

The 4 Top Tips to Protect Your Hot Tub Covers

Hot tubs are not  a cheap item so you don’t want to make them or your backyard look cheap with a shabby hot tub cover. These 4 top Tips to protect your  hot tub cover will have your hot tub and your backyard looking great longer and save you money, time and energy!

Tip #1 to protecting your hot tub cover and for that matter your hot tub guests is your water chemistry. One of the main culprits of destroying a perfectly good hot tub cover is poor water chemistry either high in acid or high in disinfectants like chlorine or bromine. A lot of the time it is the acid level which when too acidic eats away at the materials of your hot tub cover, your hot tub equipment, and your hot tub guests. The other tip, call it tip 1a is that when you shock your hot tub, or spa remove the cover for at least an hour or more so the cover does not take the brunt of the higher than usual content of the corrosive shock. If you notice black flex’s in your hot tub your too late your have eaten your vapor barrier with your corrosive water. Make sure you are checking all levels properly and often to maintain a healthy environment for your hot tub cover, equipment, and guests.

Tip #2 And this is the golden rule of hot tub covers, do not let your friends, kids, dogs, and pets sit on your cover. Once your foam core is broken your cover is done. The cover no matter what you do will go downhill quickly once the foam core is cracked. Water logging, sagging, and failure once someone has sat on it and broken it is inevitable. Even if your cover can handle the weight of your dog or pet over time the cover will sag and  this will lead to pooling of rainfall and  will lead to the foam cracking and the material becoming brittle.

Tip #3 to protecting your hot tub covers is not to drag, pull, kick or heave on your cover to remove it or put it back on to your hot tub. More spa covers are torn by the tub owner simply tugging on the wrong area of a cover to remove or replace the hot tub cover into place. So be gentle use the appropriate handles to remove and replace your hot tub cover. And really the best thing is the purchase of a hot tub cover lifter. This item will save your hot tub cover from being dragged over concrete, pulled by the skirt etc.. etc… The best hot tub cover lifter and the one we recommend for your hot tub cover is a hydraulic or power assisted hot tub cover lifter, it will save your cover and your back.

Tip #4 to protecting your hot tub cover is keep it clean of debris and moisture as much as possible. Just warm soapy water to clean and an application of 303 4 times a year will do the trick, and a constant removal of leaves debris and moisture is helpful to the prolonging of your hot tub covers life. *Do not use products such as amoral as they make this particular type of material brittle and will ruin your Hot Tub Cover, we recommend the product 303 specifically made for marine grade vinyl.

Lastly, if your cover weighs 100lbs. its time for a new one there is no remedy for a saturated soggy hot tub cover it just simply needs to be replaced. Your yard will look better and your hydro bill will look better. Order your new hot tub cover today and watch your backyard come back to life.


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