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So you have a few bare spots on your lawn, or maybe more to patch this spring. And like me your wondering about the types of grass seed that will work best for the area in question. I did a little research and found a few helpful ideas and tips that we can share with you about chosing the best grass seed for your lawn.

The first thing to do is understand the type of grass that is needed for the area. We can decide by looking at a few factors about our yard. The considerations on what grass seed to use is based on whether your lawn is in a predominately warm climate, or cold. Another factor is how much sun does the area receive during the day and if it is shady all the time. The last factor to look at is the amount of traffic the area receives.

It is recommended for highly shaded areas and very heavily traffic area’s that a hard-scape might be a better idea than being frustrated with a troubled grass area. For traveled areas perhaps a path, and for high shade areas like under a tree a rock landscape might work better than grass.

It’s important to know what seed your lawn has begun with to keep up with the consistency you will want to repair and upkeep with the same seed.

Typically there are three types of grass you can chose for a warm weather area Bermuda, Buffalo, and Zoysia. Bermuda and Zoysia grass is the hardest of these three seeds and will stand up over time better than the Buffalo grass. If you are sodding then the Bermuda which is actually considered a weed by most, is a great choice and looks best. The Bermuda grass is resilient to heat over 100 degrees and can handle drought and heavy traffic. So if you are in the southern climate Bermuda may be your answer. If you are starting your lawn from seed the Zoysia will germinate faster and will take easier than the Bermuda grass. The one thing to watch with the Zoysia grass is that it tends to take over, having very deep roots it does not require much to survive.

For the cool weather regions of the country we have four types of grass that can be used on our lawns with success, my favorite being Blue grass which gives the most lush dense look of all the grass types. As well, there is Bent grasses, Fescue’s, and Rye grasses. Rye grass is often mixed with with a Blue grass to make it more durable. This mixture works well in the north where freezing will not damage the grass. Fescue grass is a beautiful thin long grass but does not hold  up well.

Planting your seed is best done in the fall or spring. Make sure your new seed gets plenty of water to help it along. Soon you will have a nice lush lawn between your house and your hot tub so running out in your bare feet to the hot tub or spa will not be an issue.

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