Fixing a Leaking Hot Tub

Leaks are a common occurrence in hot tubs especially as they continually get used. Some leaks are very hard to locate and may pose a problem for a long time. Identifying a leak is the first step to mending it. We have therefore compiled a list of tips to guide your troubleshooting and repair process.

Some necessary Tools and Materials

–     Basic tool set

–     Slice/Knife and Gate Valves

–     Pump Wet End Seal

–     Plumbing Tubing

–     Jet Bodies

–    Acrylic Spa Shell

–    Heater Assembly Manifold

1 – The hot tub Pump

Most hot tubs leak at the pumps. Leaking may not always be a result of a major fault. It is sometimes just a problem with the seal which may be easily replaced. Another area of concern is the union fittings. These easily get loose in use or even on shipment. It is easy to handle this;  just hand –tighten them and you are okay. Note that it is always good to switch off power before you make any adjustments or repairs.

2 – Hot Tub Valves

All valves are susceptible to leaks and need regular checking.  The gasket in on knife style valves can easily fail and result in leakage. There are some hot tubs that have valves on either side and these are also a common cause of leaks, they need to be replaced immediately you notice a leak. It is safer that way.

3 – Hot Tub Heaters

If your hot tub heater is leaking you need to check the heater assembly manifold and replace any parts that may be necessary in fixing a leak.

4 – Other Connections

All connections ultimately need to be checked for leaks on a regular basis. This should include all pipes and jets. Tighten loose ones,  seal those  that are leaking and replace failing spa gaskets Some connections can be tightened or sealed while leaking hot tub jets that have a failing gasket inside  will need replacing. Cracked pipes can be sealed with PVC sealing glue.

5 –  Spa Shell leaks

Spa Shell leaks rarely happen because most hot tubs are made with very strong fiberglass that is not easily breakable. However, leaking may occur around the jests or other attachments mainly due to lose thread or fitting.  If a hot tub shell leaks, use PVC bonding products to seal.

6 – Other leaks

If you are completely unable to locate the source of a leak, it may be good to try other location methods. This has worked for some; add a little color e.g. food color on the water and look around. You will easily be able to point out the leak source. Another method is to empty the tub and keep checking the level at which leaking stops. This is a good indicator of the possible position of the leak.

If you are having a hard time or not sure of yourself then it is always a good idea to call in a professional Hot Tub repair person, it might save you time and money in the end.

Remember  to end every day in your hot tub your body and mind will thank you.

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