How Long should my Hot Tub Cover Last?

Poor ole hot tub covers they take a licking but can they keep on ticking? How long should hot tub covers last? Do hot tub covers last longer in BC than in Quebec or longer in Florida than Buffalo NY? Is it the location of the hot tub or how the hot tub cover is taken care of? We will delve into how long your hot tub cover should last and what you can do to make it last longer and preform  longer for you.

hot tub coverThe answer is a simple one with a little care you can get years more service out of your hot tub cover. Hot tub covers take a beating from mother nature, be it the sun drying out the materials, or the rain, snow, and ice taking its aim on the hot tub cover rotting the materials with standing water or breaking them under extreme weight.  The one area of the country that seems to have hot tub covers that last longer is British Columbia and warm weather  southern US states like Florida. BC hot tub covers and Southern US hot tub covers are under less environmental harm then most of the rest of the Northern area of North America.  But you will see even warmer climate hot tub covers can not dodge the biggest enemy of hot tub covers.

With mother nature and the elements aside the main reason for hot tub covers breaking down is us. The hot tub owner can take first prize in the breaking down of hot tub covers. The first thing and probably the most damaging thing we do to our hot tub covers is leaving them on the hot tub when we shock the water of the hot tub. The chemicals are corrosive and really do a number on the hot tub covers, most notably the plastic poly wrap on the foam that prevents water logging.

I have seen hot tub covers destroyed and water logged in one year due to heavy chemical usage.  It’s unfortunate but we all do it, out of sight out of mind I guess, and we don’t shock our hot tubs.  And so when we get around to shocking the hot tub well we over do it a bit, sound familiar? The thing is the hot tub cover is not built to take such a highly corrosive environment and it breaks down, by the way anything would breakdown under that environment. So you say well I have to shock the hot tub so what do I do with the hot tub cover. Easy remove it for an hour or so and let the chemicals do their job. After about an hour that highly corrosive air will have died down a little and the hot tub cover can be replaced back onto the hot tub.

On another note you can help a hot tub cover last longer by keeping debris and heavy snow from piling on top of it. Snow load is a big enemy of hot tub covers as well. Rain can also pool and damage  your hot tub cover over time. So its important to keep the hot tub cover maintained and free from debris and weight on top of it. Once the cover is warped its hard to keep water from pooling on the hot tub covers. Some areas like Colorado, Buffalo, Calgary and Edmonton can have a fairly heavy snowfall that might affect the hot tub covers performance if not taken care of and cleaned of moisture and snow.


broken hot tub coverThe other thing that breaks down a hot tub cover quickly is when we sit on the cover or our friends sit or stand on the cover by mistake. This is a one way ticket to the trash bin for a hot tub cover. Once the cover is broken it is only a matter of time before you will need to order your replacement hot tub cover from your online hot tub store.

So as you can see to make your hot tub covers last longer and perform better it is good to keep it well maintained and keep it away from corrosive moments the hot tub cover does not need to endure.


The question How Long should my Hot Tub Cover Last, can be answered 1- 7 years depending on your level of care for the hot tub cover. Remember to treat your hot tub cover well because it is also saving your tons of dough in heating costs.



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