The 5 Keys to Hiring an Inground Swimming Pool Installer

When your putting a swimming pool into your backyard there are many things to plan out, one of the most important steps in the process is contracting a swimming pool installer. There are a number of things to consider when contracting a swimming pool installer, and Backyard Indulgence has put together the 5 key points to follow based on your climate, space, and budget.

The 5 keys for hiring a swimming pool installer.

  1. Talk to a least 3 swimming pool installers
  2.  Make sure you get at least 3 referrals and do a search on the company
  3. Ask if the swimming pool company does it’s own work or subcontracts
  4. Do they have a designer on staff
  5. Ask about time frames and payment, what’s included

Talk to at least 3 swimming pool companies

This goes back to Dad’s sage old advice and it holds true in the regard of hiring a swimming pool company always get three quotes. If nothing else the three quotes should give you an understanding of the landscape of building a swimming pool in your community. All the contractors should have a great deal of experience in dealing with the bylaws and restrictions in your community. The installers all will have an idea of how your pool could be designed and with the three you should be able to get a handle on what best suits your needs.

Make sure you get at least 3 referrals and do a search on the company

liner swimming poolAgain you have to go back to the three rule, but make sure you ask for three referrals from the company. Ask for referrals from different years so you can be assured that the work the swimming pool company does stands up over time and that they stand by their work over time. A lot of people fail in this step but it is so important to make sure your dealing with a reputable company because once you dig a big whole in your backyard there is no going back. Also, with the internet you can now do a search online about the company. Take what you find online with a grain of salt though because the positives can be driven by the company itself as much as the negatives can be driven by an unreasonable customer. The rule of thumb on this is too much of the same will give you the advice you need, if there are numerous negatives then you know to stay clear, and if the positives seem to familiar then you know they are probably not legit.

Ask if the swimming pool company does it’s own work or subcontracts

fibreglass swimming poolsA lot of swimming pool companies subcontract their work out. A subcontractor is not always a bad thing, but it will take a little more investigation on your part to make sure the subcontractor is someone you want installing your swimming pool. In most areas a swimming pool installation crews stay together for periods of time. In our area there are clear cut best in the area swimming pool installation crews, and people who have swimming pools know who they are. Ask your contractor what crew will be installing your swimming pool and ask for referrals based on their work. When a crew installs a swimming pool in a customers backyard they become very close with the families. The referring family will be able to let you know their experience with the swimming pool installation crew. There are a lot of great swimming pool install crews, you just want to make sure the crew going into your backyard has a lot of experience.

Does the swimming pool company have a designer on staff

Having a designer on staff will help you in both in design and cost. The swimming pool industry is very competitive and often a value add on is an in-house designer which of course will save you money and give you the best possible outcome to your backyard plan. I have always found that a designer will do more with a space and make it compliment the rest of the home. Having a pool in the backyard is not just about the backyard space it is an overall flow and theme to the home and a designer will incorporate this into the design of the swimming pool area.

Ask about time frames and payment, what’s included

swim spa coversOne thing you will want to nail down is the timing of your swimming pool installation if you want to be swimming this summer you actually have to start planning the fall before hand as many top crews and installers will be booked for the spring. Factor in a late fee if the work is not completed just to keep them on your agreed upon schedule. Make sure you are completely aware of all inclusions and exclusions of your contract. Understand and educate yourself on the equipment being offered and don’t be afraid to ask questions. One last thing to look out for is damage to neighbours property and cleanup on completion of the job. One thing we made sure of was that the access points for the swimming pool crew was repaired back to its original state, including sod and grading.

The only other advice is to look at all the different swimming pools that are available today before making your choice. There are above ground pools, in-ground pools, vinyl liner pools, concrete pools, fibreglass pools, and even swim spas that are becoming more popular with smaller backyards. Swim spas are used all year round and come with a swim spa covers like this to keep the heat in in the winter and debris out. Swim spas are being endorsed by world famous swimmer Michael Phelps. There are a lot of choices out there to contemplate when your putting a swimming pool in your backyard, and you just want to make sure that you are working with the best possible company to save you time, money, and headaches.

You can find a list of swimming pool professionals at the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals website.


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